Meet The Team

We’re a colourful bunch over here at Story Mode Gaming, each with our gaming differences and expertise, and we want some more friends. So, let’s get to know each other! We’ll go first…


PSN: jesseSPANNER | Gamertag: jesseSPANNER | Steam: jesseSPANNER

Powered by energy drinks and puns, Jesse is more than happy to talk your ear off about his love for Jak and Daxter, Control and old sitcoms.

Jesse can be heard on Story Mode: A Video Game Podcast and Love Letters, and also runs our social media channels – so blame him for any shitty posts


Friend Code: simonsimon | Steam: Si421 | Friend Code: SW-2556-4366-2215

When he isn’t playing Nintendo’s latest offering, Simon is most likely found playing Monster Hunter or Final Fantasy XIV.

Either that or convincing Jesse to let him speak about them on the podcast.

Also pictured is his cat, Glitch (honestly, a better fitting name than anyone could have expected).


Gamertag: Pandorax1| Steam: pandorax

Often spotted tinkering with his current PC build, Keelan is constantly interlocked in a never-ending battle against the crippling World of Warcraft addiction that robbed him of his youth.

That might seem like quite the handful, but between that and replaying Halo 2 for the 50th time, Keelan edits and mixes our weekly podcast.

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