Kingdom Hearts 4 has officially been revealed.

Upon the conclusion of the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary event in Tokyo, audience members were treated to a surprise 7:40 min long trailer for the next instalment in the bonkers Square Enix franchise. Now that this trailer has been released to the public, we can see the new game looks more grounded in reality than the other games in the franchise – and as someone who has never been interested in the series, I must say the new look has me intrigued.

Opening with the line: “If this isn’t the ending you desired- if it brings you despair- then leave this world for another”, we see a hyper-realistic looking Sora running through what appears to be a Japanese city, later revealed as a location in Quadratum, to fight a Kaiju-style giant Heartless. Further along, the trailer changes angle, revealing what seems to be actual gameplay. The video ends with a brief look at Donald and Goofy being menaced by an unseen entity.

It is unclear what platforms Kingdom Hearst 4 will launch on or when.

What do you think of the new direction for the Kingdom Hearts franchise?

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