Footage From 2001 Reveals Unreleased Gex Spin-Off


Further proving we are currently on the worst possible timeline, a new demo that shows a never released Gex spin-off, Gex Jr., a project seemingly cancelled over 20 years ago, has appeared online. The demo footage, posted by user justzoot on Youtube and Hidden Palace, shows a young Gex, or the offspring of the OG Gex’s overactive loins, jumping around a brightly coloured level, gulping down cans and spouting references from pop-culture staples like Teletubbies, Blue’s Clues and Star Wars.

The re-design of the character, complete with his cool backwards hat and Poochie-esque air guitar, hyper-bright MTV level aesthetic and..uhh..dedicated fart button feels peak 2001 (the build date in the demo footage)but does beg the question: was this game to be directed at kids? Cos if so, yikes, yall. 

The demo itself plays in a constant loop and lacks a lot of polish, so it seems like the title never really built enough steam to take off, possibly because it was being worked on during the awkward cross-over from the PS1 to PS2 era?

His name is Gex, and he likes to sex

We can only hope the interest the demo is garnering will push a developer to create a new title in the Gex franchise via Square Enix Collective and give people what they want – a horny lizard.

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