Get Ready For Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet!

The Pokémon company has announced we are set to go on not only a new Pokémon adventure, but a whole new generation of Pokémon are coming our way in late 2022 (THAT’S THIS YEAR!)

Announced in a 14 minute long video earlier today, the all new adventures, titled Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, are set to be an open world, much like Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s ‘Wild Areas’, with the new yet-to-be-named region being reminiscent of Spain. Of course a new region will mean all new areas to explore and a plethora of new pocket monsters to catch and train.

With a new generation comes our confirmed new starters. Firstly Sprigatito, a Grass type Cat Pokémon; Fuecoco, a Fire type crocodilian Pokémon, and lastly (and in my opinion the best) Quaxly the Water type Duck Pokémon (with a sick hat).

Pictured: A sick hat

Of course The Pokémon Company has been steaming along with recent re-releases Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, but perhaps they were released just to tide us over until Scarlet and Violet were here.

Let us know what you’re most excited about for Gen 9 and the whole new adventure around Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

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