Street Fighter 6 Officially Announced

The mystery of the Capcom Countdown has finally concluded, with the timer counting down to the official reveal of the much anticipated Street Fighter 6. This reveal coincides with the end of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Final, a global fighting-game tournament that took place in place of the cancelled Capcom Cup

The trailer for Street Fighter 6, the first mainline release in the legendary fighting franchise since 2016’s Street Fighter V, doesn’t reveal too much beyond a glimpse of a redesigned Ryu and Luke and a slick new logo. We also got a shot of some toes tensing up, which was a bit odd.

As part of the reveal, Capcom also announced the Capcom Fighting Collection, an anthology of 10 classic titles, coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One  on June 24th.

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