The World of Assassination Gets A Whole lot Bigger With The Hitman Trilogy Collection

It’s time to shave that head and ready your Silverballer, Agent, IO Interactive’s Hitman Trilogy Collection is coming to Game Pass next week, as announced during today’s Hitman 3 Year 2 Reveal Stream. Comprising of all levels from across the three core titles in the World of Assassination trilogy, the Hitman Trilogy Collection will hit PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC digitally on January 20th

Those playing on PC will benefit from several performance enhancements, such as Variable Rate Shading and Ray Tracing, meaning you’ll really get to see Madam Carlisle’s eyes pop out when you electrocute her in the gardens of Thornbridge Manor. Speaking of eyes popping out, the PC version of the Hitman Trilogy Collection will also include full VR support across all three titles, with some extra attention paid to the throwing mechanics – so keep an eye out for flying suitcases.

Further to the Trilogy Collection, IO Interactive has outlined the Year 2 roadmap for the critically-acclaimed Hitman 3, introducing two new modes, Elusive Target Arcade and Freelancer, and a new tropical map named Rocky, to be detailed further in future updates.

While fans of the series will be familiar with the concept of timed one-shot Elusive Targets, Elusive Target Arcade will be a permanent fixture that takes things to a new level, challenging players to nail kill-after-kill of high-bounty targets. Stringing together successful hits will result in exclusive rewards, with these bonuses carrying over to the rest of the game.

But, as fun as Elusive Target Arcade sounds, it’s Freelancer that really has my blood pumping. Described as a ‘roguelike’, Freelancer mode will pit Agent 47 against shady new syndicates, with mysterious leaders that must be eliminated. Players will need to work through (aka brutally murder) lower-ranked henchmen and cronies to eventually work their way to the head honcho without triggering too much suspicion, lest they alert the boss and fail the mission.

Unlike the main game, Freelancer won’t have a selection of guns available on a silver platter, and instead gives players a safe-house that will need to be stocked with equipment, weapons, and disguises brought back from successful missions. The team at IO Interactive are really going for a ‘role-playing’ vibe to Freelancer, allowing players to pick their own assignments and customize the safe-house how they see fit, to give a real sense of ownership to all the red they are putting in 47’s ledger.

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