Watch Dogs Teams Up With Money Heist In New DLC

Bella Ciao

Ubisoft has launched a new co-op DLC event for Watch Dogs: Legion, bringing in The Professor and his crew from Netlfix’s Money Heist (aka La Cases De Papel) to cause some mischief in Old Blighty. The free event, titled ‘Paperless’, will see players conducting a heist (duh!) on the hideout of Clan Kelly, an established enemy faction in the game, to download millions of dollars in crypto. Yes, cryptocurrencies have even made heists a little bit lame.

In Money Heist-style, players will don the Salvador Dali masks and red jumpsuits of the show to storm the vaults of the bank the clan are set up in. Channelling your inner Berlin, you can go in all-guns-blazing to infiltrate the building, taking out guards in a hail of bullets, or you can use stealth, deception and hacking in ways that would make The Professor proud. Those who complete the mission will be rewarded with an exclusive character skin. 

The Money Heist collaboration is just the latest piece of post-launch content for Watch Dogs: Legion, with events held for fellow Ubisoft powerhouse franchise Assassin’s Creed being added to the game just last week. 

The Watch Dogs: Legions and Money Heist DLC is live to play now, just in time for season 5 of Money Heist, which releases Friday, September 3rd.

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