GTA Remastered Trilogy All But Confirmed For Launch This Year

Officially confirmed by sources close to Kotaku, complete remasters of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas are reaching their final stages of development and on track for launch in late October or early November. Reportedly, the targeted platforms were in-flux due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic but are currently slated for release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One/Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PC and Mobile Devices.

The titles are being developed by Scotland based Rockstar Dundee, previously known for being a support studio on the Crackdown franchise, Project Gotham Racing and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The news comes after a solid few years of speculation and rumours and only weeks after Rockstar parent company Take Two confirmed that they had three remastered titles slated for release in the next year. 

The scale of the rereleases has been subject to debate with sources citing differing levels of adjustments to the classic titles. Here however we’ve been given the most solid confirmation of how different each game will appear from the originals.

“All three of these games are being remastered using Unreal Engine and will be a mix of ‘new and old graphics.’ One source who claims to have seen a snippet of the games in action said that the visuals reminded them of a heavily-modded version of a classic GTA title. The UI for the games are being updated too, but will retain the same classic style.” – Kotaku, Zack Zwiezen

That’s not all however, although the details are less concrete the same sources have told Kotaku that sights are set on bringing Red Dead Redemption to current-gen next.

Let the speculation begin!

How do you feel about the news of the classic PS2-era Grand Theft Auto titles coming to all current platforms? Let us know, and keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding the Trilogy as we’ll be seeing more information rolling out in the next month or so.

Check out Kotaku’s original article here!

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