Here’s How That PSVR Successor Will Change The Game


New details on PlayStation 5’s VR successor have reportedly been shared with developers in a special presentation by way of a “Virtual Summit”.

The details shared with prospective developers have shed some light on what Sony has planned for the currently titled NGVR (Next Generation Virtual Reality). Below we’ve compiled some of the information shared with developers, along with how this will elevate the experience.

  • 2000×2040 OLED Display: A lightweight, low distortion lense that will provide an image comparable to the 4K HDR you’ve seen plastered over PS5 marketing.
  • 110 Degree FOV: A larger FOV means even more of the image surrounding your eyeballs. For comparison, the Field of View we’re hearing about here trumps many of the headsets currently available on the market.
  • Flexible Scaling: Essentially this means the headset will prioritise the image currently being displayed, think a better looking and running experience.
  • Haptic Feedback: It’s not going to be HD Rumble, but the vibration feedback in the headset has been implemented to assist those who suffer from motion sickness in VR.
  • Controllers Will be Bundled with Headset: THANK GOD! That’s right, even out of the box you will not be forced to use those dated PlayStation Move wands you’ve refused to throw out.
  • Adaptive Triggers: Look, I’m gonna be honest this comes as a surprise to me for reasons I can’t fully explain. Any excuse to use those fancy PS5 triggers is a bonus for me though.
  • Capacitive Touch Sensors: This is some fancy language that pretty much just says that the controllers will have the ability to see your thumb, index and middle finger placement on the controller.
  • Focus on AAA Titles Playable both on VR headsets an Traditional Displays: Pretty self explanatory, think Resident Evil VII or Hitman 3‘s implementation.

That’s it!

Honestly I wasn’t expecting this amount of information to be revealed until next year at the earliest, but I’m excited to start seeing just what developers are able to do with the improved tech this time around.

What do you think? Were you a fan of PlayStation’s first foray into the VR space?

The information compiled here was broken by YouTube user PSVR Without Parole, check them out.

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