Free Xbox Games with Gold Titles for March Announced

Well, turns out I forgot February

And doesn’t that kinda say something? Unfortunately, Xbox’s main event for the month – the Games with Gold announcement – has fallen by the wayside to make way for a much better announcement – the free games coming to Game Pass!

I honestly thought a few months ago that this was because, well, Xbox was going to drop the separate, paid subscription service for online gameplay and just add it to Game Pass, but they’ve come out and stated that there are no plans to axe Xbox Live any time soon. But why? At least make it exciting.

Well, here’s what we’ve got for the month of March, Xbox fans! Personally, I’ll be passing yet again on these goodies.

Warface: Breakout

March 1st – 31st

Vicious Attack Llama Apocolypse

March 16th – April 15th

Metal Slug 3

March 1st – 15th

Port Royale 3

March 16th – 31st

These game announcements come courtesy of the Xbox Blog.

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