Mortal Kombat Gets A Kool New Trailer

The Mortal Kombat film just dropped its most blood-soaked, head popping, blood freezing-ist trailer yet and, perhaps because of the lack of big cinema moments over the last 12 months due to the pandemic, I am fucking pumped!  

The new trailer gives us a better look at Raiden, Kano, Jax, Goro, Liu Kang, Scorpion, Mileena and Sub Zero, who looks set to be one of the film’s primary antagonists and an all-round icy bastard. He freezes a man’s blood mid-air and then stabs him. He stabs him with his own blood. Just give it all the Oscars right now!!! We also get a glimpse of some horrifically gory fatalities and one of the worst lines of dialogue I have heard in some time now – believe me, you’ll know it when you hear it.

Hey Mileena…gross

Mortal Kombat will follow the journey of ‘a washed-up mixed martial arts fighter named Cole Young who is unaware of his hidden lineage or why he is being hunted down by Sub-Zero of the Lin-Kuei clan of assassins”. Along the way, he meets up with a merry group of blood sport enthusiasts, hijinks ensue, blah, blah, blah, they have to defend Earthrealm from the evil forces of Outworld. 

Look, the story is based on a goddamn fighting game, so don’t expect any semblance of cohesiveness or coherency; just turn your brain off, watch the bad-ass trailer below and enjoy the ride!

Mortal Kombat hits theatres and HBO Max (where available) on April 16.

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