Splatoon 3 Announced, Coming Sometime in 2022

I will protect that little fish buddy for as long as I may live…

Announced as the “one last thing” during Thursday morning’s Nintendo Direct, Splatoon will be getting its third addition to the series sometime in 2022.

Nothing was said in the trailer however we did get many visuals to decipher. First, we see an inkling hanging out in a desolate area with the – and I can’t stress this enough – most adorable little fishy buddy I’ve ever seen, checking out their customisable features. They then hop a train away from nowhere into a bustling city with other inklings.

From there, we see the familiar Splatoon action: 4-on-4 battles to spray your coloured ink on as much area of the map as you can while knocking out the opposing players. There are new weapons to choose from, and even some sort of crab artillery deployment friend.

I don’t know what to fully make of the opening of the trailer, but after all the hours playing Splatoon 2 (before Nintendo Online came in), you can colour me excited.

Splatoon 3 will be coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022.

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