Miitopia is Coming to Switch This May with New Features

Obviously, I’m going to make Jesse the Dark Lord…

Announced during Thursday morning’s Nintendo Direct, the 2017 Nintendo 3DS RPG, Miitopia, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 21st, but this time with a big load of new features.

In this game – much like the original 3DS title – you create Mii characters to venture off through Miitopia to rid it from evil and save the land from the Dark Lord, RPG style. In this updated version, there are now more customisable features for you Miis like wigs, make-up, and hair dye. It also focuses on relationship building which can aid you in your battles, or hinder you if you neglect them.

You can also have a horse friend! So, that’s pretty cool too! Check out the announcement trailer below.

Miitopia is coming to the Nintendo Switch on May 21st, 2021.

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