Mario Golf Super Rush Coming to Nintendo Switch, June 25th

Mario + Sports = My Money in Nintendo’s Pocket

Announced during Thursday morning’s Nintendo Direct, Mario Golf is getting a new title! Mario Gold Super Rush will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this June and will feature some really cool gameplay features!

Following in the footsteps of 2018’s Mario Tennis Aces, Mario Golf Super Rush will bring a welcomed upgrade to the Mario Golf series. It’s a golf game as usual in the main campaign; checking for wind speed, terrain, minding the water, but with characters from the Mushroom Kingdom playing in some beautiful scenery and locations. You can also use your Joy-Con as a makeshift golf club with motion controls.

This game also includes Story Mode (wait, that’s us!) where your Mii can battle against other familiar characters through their golfing career to go from rookie to champion in a cool RPG fashion.

However, where this game I think will truly shine is in Speed Mode. You and your friends start the course at the same time and race across the fairway to get your ball to the hole first, using all kinds of unique power-ups to boost your speed. It’s golf the way you’ve always wanted to play! Aggressively!

Mario Golf Super Rush is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 25th, 2021.

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