Cuphead Takes Center Stage at ACMI Museum in Melbourne

If you’re in town, check this out!

Studio HDMR, developers behind the critically acclaimed, 2017 title with the creatively stunning yet kinda terrifying 1930s art style, Cuphead, have designed an exhibition piece specifically for Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

A zoetrope with the main Cuphead characters will be on display within the museum. Don’t know what a zoetrope is? It’s a ‘contemporary incarnation of the popular 19th-century invention’, as stated by ACMI themselves. I’m sure you’ve seen these before; it’s a pre-animation illusion device made by spinning a top with a sequence of photographs or models in motion to simulate motion using strobe lights.

Pikachu zoetrope by Jam’s Barus

This Cuphead zoetrope includes scenes from the game with Cuphead himself, Mugman, Ms Chalice, King Dice, and the Devil turning from stationary models to an animated sequence right in front of your eyes.

Cuphead: Inspiration from the Inkwell will be on display in the ACMI museum in Melbourne for the next 10 years, so you’ll have PLENTY of time to visit at some point. You can find more about this exhibit on ACMI’s website.

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