Is Bioware’s Anthem About To Fall Out Of The Bargain Bin, Into The Fire For Good?

According to those familiar with EA and Bioware’s internal workings, a decision will soon be made regarding the ongoing fate of everyone’s favourite bargain-bin-clogging action RPG Anthem. Via Jason Schreier over on Twitter, the head honchos from each company will meet later this week to decide if the efforts to overhaul the game will go on, or if the 30-strong’ Anthem Next’ team will be disbanded. EA is yet to confirm any further details, stating the company doesn’t comment on “rumour and speculation.”

It looks likely that my $4 purchase of the game during JB-HI-FI’s Boxing Day sales will not bear the fruits I hoped for.

Not gonna lie, the exo-suit designs fucking slap

Despite some genuinely fun flight mechanics and stylish design, Anthem was a monumental failure at launch, in no small part due to a lack of post-launch content and the inundation of technical bugs – both complaints synonymous with most live service games.

Anthem is available on… you know what, I will save you a few dollars and say it may be best to just avoid this one.

If you want to know more about a few games that were able to turn their fates around after less than stellar launches, we discuss a few in great detail in episode #49 of Story Mode: A Video Game Podcast that you can check out right here!

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