New Pokémon Snap Release Date Announced with New Trailer

Happy 25th Anniversary, Pokémon!

As Pokémon‘s 25th anniversary kicks off, we’ve been given a new trailer for the upcoming (and highly anticipated) New Pokémon Snap along with a release date which is pretty soon!

We’ll be exploring the Lental Region where we will be riding along the tracks of multiple biomes and environments, capturing the snapshots of over 200 Pokémon. In this region, there’s something the professors call the Illumina phenomenon, where some Pokémon and their habitats and environments strangely glow.

Not too much else is known about the game, but if we remember the original 1999 Nintendo 64 title, our photos rack up points – more points for their pose, clarity, and how much of the photo the Pokémon takes up – and with enough points, you unlock special levels with even more special Pokémon to capture.

New Pokémon Snap will be releasing April 30th, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, with pre-orders available now.

Keep an eye on us for more Pokémon news from their 25th anniversary!

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