My Nintendo Store Returns to Australia with New Rewards to Redeem

I don’t need any of this, but man, do I want it!

Years ago, I remember redeeming my Nintendo Coins online to get Mario and Luigi-themed face washers. I don’t know why I got them, I think the store was closing or my points were going to expire. They showed up on my doorstep around 4 months later after I had completely forgotten about them and I think I still have the Mario-themed one around here somewhere! It’s very scratchy.

Nevertheless, this week, the My Nintendo Store returned to my attention as Nintendo Australia launched a local version of the marketplace! This version of the My Nintendo Store is broken up into three different storefronts: Merchandise, Nintendo Switch Exclusives, and My Nintendo Rewards. the latter two require a Nintendo Account.

The Merchandise store has a cool arrangement of Mario and other Nintendo title-themed items such as drink bottles, backpacks, and a bunch of other things, all priced in Aussie Dollarydoos.

The Nintendo Switch Exclusives showcases NES and SNES controllers you can purchase for your Switch consoles, while the My Rewards section showcases a random assortment of Mario-themed items you can get with your Nintendo Coins (plus real money shipping).

As much as I’m not going to use this service at the moment, if they keep up with adding some cool Nintendo-themed merchandise, I can guarantee some of it will end up on my shelf at some point, and maybe it won’t take 4 months to show up this time.

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