Everything Shown in the Early Morning Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Hooray for indie titles!

If you happened to miss the 4 AM start for the Nintendo Indie Showcase this morning, don’t worry, so did we! But, we’ve rounded up all the information for you in one place!

Spelunky and Spelunky 2

Coming Winter 2021

The original Spelunky will be joining the upcoming Spelunky 2 on Nintendo Switch! This underground rogue-like with randomly generated levels will also have multiplayer: local only for Spelunky, and local and online for Spelunky 2.


Coming Early 2021

This cute-as-hell action brawler has local and online multiplayer for all you feline lovers out there! Not only is there unlimited chaos, but you can customise your kitty fighter however you’d like.

Very Very Valet

Coming Early 2021

This 4-player multiplayer is a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch where you play as a valet trying your best not to destroy the cars you’re responsible for!


Coming March 2021

Tunche is a hack’n’slash local multiplayer set in the Amazon rain forest. Play as a diverse range of characters with their own special abilities, including Hat Kid from A Hat in Time.

Cyber Shadow

Coming January 26th 2021

This action platformer comes with hand-crafted sprites and a pumping soundtrack. Take down over a dozen big-boy bosses with earned abilities all while rescuing your ninja clan!


Available now!

In this community sim, build up your very own cat cafe by decorating your space with furniture, food, and purrfect pals! What’s better than that?! Oh, maybe it being AVAILABLE TO PLAY RIGHT NOW!

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Coming Autumn 2021

The minds behind Monument Valley bring an explorer game where you work to clean up the environment of an island, and save the local wildlife. Recruit locals on your travels and bring back nature!


Coming early 2021

(Not gonna lie, I thought this was a weird Among Us announcement). In this new title from the social deduction genre, the mysterious life-form that is Gnosia has merged in with your crew and you must decipher who they are and send them into Cold Sleep.

Happy Game

Coming Autumn 2021

In an experience that is anything but, Happy Game takes you through puzzle-filled psychedelic nightmares plagued with happy faces. I’m good, thanks though.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Coming December 23rd 2020

Play through thousands of levels on excruciating difficulty on this timed console exclusive from Team Meat. We hope you’re a fan of failure!


Available now!

Grind through (wink) over 200 levels in this puzzle-battler to collect grindstones, acquire and upgrade your gear, and battle bosses on your way to the top of Grindstone Mountain. Or, you could try your hand at getting your name onto the daily leader boards. Whatever you wanna do, do it now BECAUSE YOU CAN! Grindstone is out now as a timed console exclusive.

When the Past was Around

Available now!

In this point-and-click puzzle game, you play as a girl who’s lost her way, but finds it with the help of The Owl. If you’re ready to feel things, head over to the Nintendo Store as this game is out right now!


Coming March 2021

Join the Space Force and help the cosmonauts – hopefully by not killing them – in this comedy, adventure puzzle game, where you build space stations before they burn up in the atmosphere. Did I mention it includes voice acting from Bill Nighy? Oh… well it does!


Coming April 2021

Play through breathtaking hand-painted worlds as a backdrop to this puzzle-platformer (with some Studio Ghibli vibes). I’m relaxed already.

Hazel Sky

Coming March 2021

In this heartfelt adventure, a young man heads to an island to fulfil his engineering destiny, unlike many who came before him. Explore an island and find out its secrets so you can bring them home and be crowned the engineer you’ve always wanted to be.

Trash Sailors

Coming Autumn 2021

As the world was destroyed by a devastating flood, trash is the number one commodity in this place. Play in this 4-played local and online multiplayer as you fish out all the trash you can find in the waters. Just watch out for all the dangers lurking in the waters.

Finding Paradise

Coming Autumn 2021

Doctors Rosalene and Watts plug into the minds of those on their deathbeds to give them a chance to relive every moment from the lives all from behind their eyelids. What a nice little sentiment that is.

Among Us Switch Version

Available now!

Well, you know what Among Us is. Stuck on a ship with a bunch of suspicious people, you must find out who the impostor is before they have you cornered! The MASSIVE online title from PC and mobile is available on Nintendo Switch right now!

We hope you enjoyed the show and our coverage as much as we did! See you for the next one!

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