Story Mode Episode 37: Destination: Far Cry

Like three grenades ready to explode, Jesse, Keelan and Lauren finally find a tenuous reason to talk about Far Cry for 90-minutes! This week we discuss the entire franchise, from its humble beginnings as a Crytek tech-demo to the disturbingly pertinent Far Cry 5, and all the weird half-sequels in-between. We also have Lauren making an impassioned plea for people to leave Jason Brody alone, and Jesse and Keelan get far too worked up about Flintstones and The Jetsons.

It’s a livin’!


 Far Cry: 00:03:14

 Far Cry Instincts and Friends: 00:09:46

 Far Cry 2: 00:11:37

 Far Cry 3: 00:19:53

 Far Cry: Blood Dragon: 00:45:47

 Far Cry 4: 00:47:50

 Far Cry: Primal: 01:06:22

 Far Cry 5: 01:17:03

 Far Cry: New Dawn: 01:29:18

 Far Cry 6: 01:34:03

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