PlayStation 5 Improves The Trophy Experience

Though not much of a PlayStation Trophy hunter myself, I still find it quite disappointing when a shitty little pop-up and ill-timed screenshot are all I had to show after clicking that 1000th headshot or finally conquering Muspelheim in God Of War. The good news is, it looks like the PlayStation 5 is going to make these moments far more engaging, rewarding and appealing to share on social media. 

First demonstrated in a playthrough of Astro’s Playroom by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller (known Trophy Hunter) as part of the early wave of PS5 previews, trophies will now record a lead-in video of your glorious moment, accompanied by a stylish on-screen graphic. 

While it may not be enough to make me Platinum every game I play, these changes certainly show a level of detail and care sorely missing from some of the PlayStation 4’s functions. Along with the latest changes to how Trophy ranks works, Sony is making major strides towards encouraging players to go that extra mile in games and to share these special moments with friends.

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