Load Times for Various PlayStation 4 Games Have Been Drastically Reduced

Right in time for the PlayStation Plus Collection!

According to various sources, many different PlayStation 4 titles have had their load times drastically reduced with patches introduced ahead of the release of the PlayStation Plus Collection.

Most recently, The Last of Us: Remastered and Until Dawn have seen a massive reduction of the loading times. A video by ElAnalistaDeBits shows loading times reduced from over a minute to just 14 seconds.

For Until Dawn, the load times have seemingly disappeared between the menu and your game, however, there hasn’t been any reports of a patch for the title yet, so take these claims with a grain of salt.

God of War‘s loading times – even though they were minimal from the start – have also been reduced due to a sneaky patch installed recently. It’s also been rumoured that these patches are testing out some new compression technology in preparation for the PlayStation 5, and others have speculated that this technology was used in the recent Ghost of Tsushima.

With a massive amount of PlayStation 4 titles being able to be played via backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5, these patches are definitely a welcome sight. Let’s hope we get a couple more of these updates for some of the other titles highlighted in the PlayStation Plus Collection.

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