PlateStation Offers Custom PS5 Faceplates For $60

If the striking white of the PlayStation 5 caught you off guard when the console was first announced and, unlike me, you haven’t grown to love it, it looks like a company called PlateStation (great name) may have you covered. PlateStation has recently unveiled a range of custom coloured faceplates for the upcoming console (both physical and digital editions), each going for about $60AUD including free international shipping.

Colours include: 

  • Cherry Red
  • Chromatic
  • Indigo Blue
  • Jungle Camo
  • v1 Matte Black (Limited Edition)

As shown during the recent PS5 teardown videos, these faceplates are easily removable, so customised versions were inevitable. No doubt Sony has plans on releasing its own branded faceplates in future, but in the meantime, I expect the third-party market to explode, with PlateStation just being the first cab off the rank. 

If you’re keen on sprucing up your PS5 with one of these custom faceplates, you may want to act fast. Interest has been huge despite the lack of feedback regarding the quality of the product. However, if they do turn out to be poorly made trash, PlateStation at least offers a 10-day return policy. 

According to the companies website, PlateStation faceplates will begin shipping on, or shortly after, the release date of the PlayStation 5, November 12th.

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