Smash Bros. Nerfs Steve’s Meat


Minecraft’s Steve inclusion into the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s roster a few weeks ago was met with much excitement from the Smash community; however, it was clear that no one was quite as excited about the inclusion as Steve himself. During the showcase, viewers were quick to notice a bit of a boner on Nintendo’s behalf. If the new fighter’s end-of-match victory pose was paused at the perfect time, Steve could be seen proudly holding a piece of meat aloft in an NSFW position that, well… things got a bit nasty. 

I hear dude hangs dong

To remedy the wayward willy, Nintendo has now removed the offending piece of meat, which I am sure would be leaving Steve feeling quite stiffed. As part of the latest patch, Steve now eats the piece of meat rather than just holding it in his hand. I wonder how many ribs they had to remove to achieve that? 

Check out the de-boned version below

Shafting the shaft wasn’t the only change made to Steve as part of the Version 9.0.1 patch, with changes to his Minecart move and character clippings all outlined in the patch notes.  

Steve’s pixelated pangus may be gone, but it will never be forgotten. 

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