Spider-Man: Miles Morales Features An Adorable Cat That I Love Very Much

Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat
Does whatever a Spider-Cat wants
Lives inside a backpack
He defend and he attack
Look out, here comes the Spider-Cat!

As part of its month-long exclusive coverage of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Game Informer has revealed the one thing that truly matters to gamers: a chonky cat. In the upcoming PlayStation 5 launch title, Miles will be joined by an adorable feline companion, who apart from being the cutest thing possible, will help Miles “bash the bad guys with some crazy kitten flare”.

Miles first meets the orange tabby, also named Spider-Man, after saving him from some thugs and returning him to the bodega (a small grocery store, synonymous with NYC) from which he was taken. Upon his return, the store owner is delighted by the efforts of “other Spider-Man”, rewarding him with the Cat Suit, a bonus outfit complete with Spider-Man (the cat one) in tow – well, in a backpack.

The Cat Suit is more than just an aesthetic choice, too. At the end of the Game Informer trailer, we see the cat get involved with Miles’ finishing moves, jumping out of his backpack and delivering some Fury Swipes to a grunt’s face. Fuck yeah, cat!  

Oh yeah, the trailer shows the game looking incredible, showing off a super high-res NYC and seamless transitions from interior to exterior locations, made possible by those tasty SSD speeds or something…sorry, I was distracted by his cute little face.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be available at launch for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, November 12th. 

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