Story Mode Episode 33: Unpopular Gaming Opinions

Gather your torches and pitchforks! This week we dive into some of our long-held spicy gaming opinions, delve into a few listener suggestions, and reveal the four members of Story Mode who enjoy Nickelback. It’s a doozy of an episode!


 Final Fantasy 6 > Final Fantasy 7: 00:08:04

 Mass Effect 1 is the best: 00:15:42

 Nintendo gets away with too much: 00:23:25

 Clementine sucks!: 00:39:21

 Animal Crossing: New Horizons lacked plenty: 00:55:07

 All Sonic games are bad?: 01:09:29

 Walking simulators are peak gaming: 01:12:59

 Bioshock isn’t fun: 01:19:52

 Neither is Skyrim: 01:24:39

 2D Pokemon games are better than 3D ones: 01:31 :45

 D-pad or GTFO: 01:39:40

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