Steve From Minecraft Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Well… I don’t think any of us expected that

For those of us who stayed up late to watch the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character announcement… I think we were all surprised to see those Creeper eyes glowing in the darkness. It was announced that Steve from Minecraft would be joining the ever-growing roster, along with Alex, Zombie, and Enderman.

Steve is the second fighter to be announced in this Fighter DLC pack, with the first being Min Min from Arms, announced back in June.

It’s unsure if the other Minecraft characters will have their own separate spots on the roster or if they’ll be swapped out like much like the Pokemon Trainer character. Steve will be able to attack with his pickaxe, place blocks, and craft things like barriers during gameplay. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director, Masahiro Sakurai, stated during the showing that each stage from the game had to be reworked in order to allow this new gameplay.

More information about Steve will be shown on Sunday October 4th at 12:30AM AEST (right before Daylight Savings starts) during Minecraft Live 2020.

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