Games Coming to and Leaving Game Pass This October

We’ve got some good ones!

For the month of October, there are a few exciting games that you can play with your Game Pass subscription! Of the notable games, DOOM Eternal comes to consoles, and Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition comes to PC.

Games coming to Game Pass in October:

  • DOOM Eternal – October 1st
  • Drake Hollow – October 1st
  • Brütal Legend – October 8th
  • Forza Motorsport 7 – October 8th
  • Ikenfell – October 8th
  • Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition – October 15th

Games leaving Game Pass on October 15th:

  • Felix the Reaper (Console & PC)
  • Metro 2033 Redux (Console & PC)
  • Minit (Console & PC)
  • Saints Row IV Re-Elected (PC)
  • State of Mind (PC)

Better make some room on those hard drives!

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