Animal Crossing’s Amiibo Cards Will Make a Return This November

And with that, the world was good again…

UPDATE: EB Games Australia just shared on social media that they WILL be stocking amiibo cards in-store from November 20th!

ORIGINAL STORY: Nintendo has announced that the much loved and sought after Animal Crossing amiibo cards will be returning to shelves this November at selected retailers for $5.99USD. As we are located in Australia here at Story Mode Gaming, we can’t find any information on whether us down here will actually be able to purchase these at our local EB Games, however, the fact they’re coming back at all will be keeping many on the lookout!

Amiibo cards first came to be in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as a way to invite your favourite villagers to live in your town. Special NPC characters such as Isabelle and K.K. Slider could also be summoned but only to gift special, unpurchasable items. When the Welcome amiibo update came to New Leaf back in November 2016 – the first major update since 2012 – new amiibo cards were available which included villager’s RVs filled with items, furniture, and decor you could collect.

Okay, what I’m saying is they gave a lot more life to the Animal Crossing series as a whole and came at a crucial time in the Animal Crossing timeline to get fans (just like me) to return to our untamed towns, pull up some weeds, and reignite the love we had for the series before New Horizons was announced in 2018.

They’ve also continued the use of these cards through New Horizons where you can use your cards to, once again, invite your favourite villagers to your island to stay forever (as long as you don’t lose that card), however, this time it is a little bit more of a tedious process, but that’s a story for another time.

This announcement comes after the Autumn/Halloween update trailer from a few days ago, showing us what we can expect when the cooler months come (for the Northern Hemisphere users anyway) and when it’s time to get spooky.

If you happen to come across any aniboo cards anywhere in Australia, drop us a comment so I can book a return flight to wherever you are. Thanks in advance!

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