New Animal Crossing Trailer Shows Off Halloween Update

Trick or treat!

Animal Crossing New Horizon’s long-awaited Autumn/Halloween update trailer has finally been released! Fans of the highest-selling Nintendo title of 2020 have been twitching in anticipation to catch a glimpse of what to expect this spooky season.

In this trailer, we see how players can get ready for Halloween on October 31st:

  • Nook’s Cranny will be selling candy for us to prepare for the holiday.
  • Pumpkin patches will be a new DIY recipe, where we can grow pumpkins in our backyards to create spooky decor. (Oh my God, WHAT?!)
  • New costumes will be available in the Able Sister’s shop, as well as new skin tones and eye colours to show off your devilish side.

On Halloween itself, from 5pm the festivities really begin! Jack, the czar of Halloween makes an appearance, and we’ll be able to hang out with our villagers and check out their costumes. Remember all that candy you stocked up on leading to Halloween? This is where you hand it out to your (favourite only, obviously) villagers and have a jolly old time.

Also in the trailer, in early October, an update is planned for the Nook Link Nintendo Switch app for your smartphone. Using the app, you’ll be able to perform your collection of reactions much easier for your photo taking opportunities.

The Halloween update will be live from September 30th. We’re also to expect a Thanksgiving and Christmas update in late November.

Now, if you’re living in the Southern Hemisphere or have your game set to below the equator, Halloween is going to come during the warmer months of Spring, so instead of orange trees and gloomy skies, we can expect pink cherry blossoms to be falling and much sunnier days.

In other news, Nintendo is also sending every user a Ring-Con item from Ring Fit Adventure, so, you know, we can tell ourselves we’re gonna work out in Animal Crossing as well as real-life but… maybe never do it.

Thanks, Nintendo. I hear you loud and clear.

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