Bloodborne Remastered Possibly Leaked By Retailer

You may be seeing the words ‘You Died’ in glorious 4K soon, with a PlayStation 5 remaster of Bloodborne seemingly leaked by a French retailer. During the madness that was yesterday’s pre-order frenzy, French retailer Fnac has listed Bloodborne Remastered in a list of games releasing on the next-gen console. Neither Sony nor FromSoftware has commented on the possible leak.

Can’t wait to suck at this version of the game, too!

Now, we need to take this all with a Rom The Vacuous Spider-sized grain of salt. As part of the sizzle reel for the PlayStation Plus Collection, we saw that the OG version of Bloodborne would be one of the PS4 titles coming to PS5, but nothing indicating a different Remastered version. Perhaps Bloodborne Remastered is an entirely separate beast, releasing down the track, acting as an appetiser to the true Bloodborne sequel fans are desperate for?

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