Final Fantasy XVI Announced For PlayStation 5

Starting the showcase with the biggest bang possible, Sony has announced Final Fantasy XVI, as a PlayStation console exclusive “not available on other platforms for a limited time after release on PS5”. Running through a PC (the game will also be available for PC users) to emulate the expected final result on PlayStation 5, the trailer shows off a grim medieval setting, far removed from the fantasy sci-fi vibes and Cup Noodles of 2016’s Final Fantasy XV

In the hype AF trailer, we are introduced to Joshua, who can turn into a phoenix, and his yet-to-be-named bodyguard, engaging in the fast-paced real-time combat first introduced in Final Fantasy XV. Why does a phoenix need a bodyguard? Can the bodyguard use Joshua’s gross feathers to heal? Is there a car again? The trailer didn’t give away too much, and according to a post from Final Fantasy XVI Director, Hiroshi Taka over on the PlayStation Blog, we may be waiting a while for answers.

‘We’re pouring our hearts and souls into this project each and every day, it may still be some time before we can get it into your hands. However, I promise it will be worth the wait!’

— Final Fantasy XVI Director, Hiroshi Takai
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