Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Prices and Launch Date Leaked

Time to figure out exactly how many pennies to pinch…

Along with the leaked announcement of the worst kept secret, the Xbox Series S, we seem to have had the prices for Microsoft’s next-generation consoles – the Xbox Series X and S – leaked as well! Inside sources and analysts have confirmed to various news outlets that the leaked prices for the consoles are, in fact, real, as well as a confirmed release date.

The Xbox Series X will have a price point of approximate $685 AUD, whereas the newly leaked, smaller and digital-only console, the Xbox Series S will come to around $410 AUD. And to top this all off, the release dates for the consoles come to November 10th. A nice, early Christmas gift, perhaps?

There’s also been some sort of payment plans revealed in case that big lump of money just isn’t something that comes around often. The Xbox All Access financing option will be in place for both consoles, with approximately $34 AUD needed per month to pay off the Xbox Series S, and approximately $48 AUD needed for the Xbox Series X.

It is assumed that Microsoft will confirm this themselves very soon now that the cat is out of the bag, but hopefully they’ve learned that this is what happens when you keep people waiting a few months longer than they should have to wait.

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