Updated: The Long-Awaited All-Digital Xbox Series S Has Been Revealed!

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed the leak via its Twitter account, adding that the Series S is the smallest Xbox console ever and that fans can expect more news soon

ORIGINAL STORY: After months of speculation, the worst kept secret in gaming, the Xbox Series S (or Lockhart if you’re nasty) has leaked, baring a striking look and enticing price tag. The all-digital version of Microsoft’s next-gen hardware looks quite a bit different to the futuristic fridge that is its more powerful counterpart, the Xbox Series X. The Series S looks more like the lovechild between an Xbox One S and an apartment intercom. However, I can ignore the console’s aesthetic if the $299 (around $400AUD) price point is accurate. I may just have to hide the console out of sight, though.

Leaked via a report by Brad Sams at Thurott, the Series S looks to be a disc-less version of the Series X, said to outperform the current-gen consoles, but be the budget alternative of the Series X, not quite reaching the heights of the 12tb behemoth. That focus to make it a more affordable option most likely plays into the design choice of having such a large visible fan vent, as the internal architecture will require maximum cooling without making expensive concessions. 

Although not yet confirmed by Microsoft itself, the credibility of the Series S price/design leak has been confirmed by many industry analysts and insiders. It would be a safe assumption that Microsoft makes a proper announcement later this week.

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