The Division 2 Getting New PvE Mode Set In A 100-Storey Skyscraper

Agents, Welcome To Nakatomi Plaza

After months of teasers and hints, Ubisoft has finally revealed The Summit PvE experience for Division 2. The Summit will see players take on waves off enemies as they ascend a 100-storey skyscraper, solo or with a group of friends online – think of the Underground mode from the original Division, just more vertical. As someone who has recently watched both The Raid and Dredd, the idea of clearing out floor-after-floor of bad guys seems like ridiculous amounts of fun.

Shown off during developer Massive Entertainment’s weekly State of the Game showcase, Summit will feature 100 floors filled with randomised enemies from all factions featured in the core game and subsequent DLC packs, such as Warlords of New York. As players climb, enemies will become better equipped and more challenging to take down, culminating in a boss fight every ten floors. Thankfully, when each boss is defeated, a Rally Point will activate, becoming a checkpoint in case you and your squad get taken down on your way up. As floors 81-100 are considered ‘Legendary’ and filled with goons from the White Tusk, players will be using these Rally Points quite a bit.

Agents won’t need to wait long for their chance to take on the Summit, which will release as part of update 11 later this month for those that already own the Warlords expansion.

If you’re intrigued by the Summit but are yet to try out Division 2, be sure to jump on the official Ubisoft website any time before 1:00amAEST September 8th to claim your free copy of the game on PC, all you need to do is sign in with your Uplay account (free to set up).

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