Ubisoft Mug Full Of Glitches At Launch

These Things Should Be Caught During Beta Testing

I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about how mugs are made, but even I know this isn’t quite right.

As part of a team-up between Ubisoft China and clothing company Sheepedia to create a line of merch options, the below mug was produced – a task it seems neither company quite had a handle on. Sheepedia blames a ‘bug’ in the manufacturing process for the error.

As covered by Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, this very well may just be a publicity stunt to build up buzz for the partnership, and if so, it has been mighty effective. Though not an official product in its current form, it is rumoured the companies are considering selling or giving them away to some coffee-hating collectors.

‘Ubisoft China is known for being tongue in cheek, playing on the reputation of Ubisoft games, so it’s likely this is just a viral marketing campaign and not an actual error,’

It is yet to be confirmed whether the mug-bug will be patched.

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