Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Looks like a Damn Good Time in VR

How do you modernise a dead franchise? VR.

I was more than a little cautious to hear Geoff Keighley touting the return of Medal of Honor as a selling point for Gamescom’s Opening Night Live stream. I just couldn’t see how the franchise could make a compelling return in 2020, even with a fresh VR spin.

-But the team at Respawn have done the impossible, yet again, and turned an initially derivative concept into a highly polished AAA VR title that looks like a damn good time.

In the new story trailer, the spotlight is squarely on the enormous 50+ level campaign, promising that multiplayer details would be trickled out slowly as we approach the title’s release these coming holidays.

It’s a little worrisome that Medal of Honor will be exclusive to Oculus given its recent drama with Facebook, although I think I’ll wait until we inevitably see a release on other platforms before I give Above and Beyond my time.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is releasing this holiday season exclusively for Oculus platforms.

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