Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 2 Details Announced

I didn’t know how they’re were going to drag me back in but I think they just might!

Shown off today during Gamescom Opening Night Live, the team at Mediatonic have outlined some of the courses, rounds, and costumes we can expect to see in Fall Guys: Ulitmate Knockout‘s second season.

Season 2 seems to be going medieval! With courses inspired by things like draw-bridges, castles, swinging axes, and siege rams, it looks like we’re going to need a bit more coordination this time around. We can see some of the new costumes keep up with the theme with dragons, witches and wizards, and Viking taking the stage.

With Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout being the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game to date with over 7 million downloads on Steam alone, it’s a definite success. However, having played multiple hours of it, gaining multiple crowns (I’m not bragging, Jesse, it’s a fact), and making it a nightly ritual, I’ve definitely fallen off the hype.

Knowing myself, it was no surprise, to be honest, but as I checked the daily rewards out of curiosity the other day and saw there was still over a month until the next season, I did wonder if it’d be able to pull me back in. By the looks of this new trailer, you’ll be seeing me at the starting line in October for sure.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is still currently free for PlayStation Plus members until the end of this month, so you better get in quick if you want to have a taste of the action! It’s also available on Steam. Season 2 will be out this October.

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