Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Release Date Announced

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A release date for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition was announced this morning during Gamescom Opening Night Live: October 15th.

First released in 2005, the Definitive Edition comes almost 15 years later to the day. So, what can you expect in this edition of the classic real-time strategy game?

The music and graphics have had a complete overhaul, now with 4K graphics, new 3D model renders, and enhanced audio. They’ve also included two new tribes to play as or against:

  • The Incas, a more traditional Age of Empires civilisation, they’re one of the largest empires in South America, where they construct towns, cities, and nations out of stone.
  • The Swedes, a new addition to the Age of Empires franchise following a small and unlikely holder of power. Based in Europe, they can take the battlefield by storm with their innovative battle tactics.

Stated on their website, the Definitive Edition also works at fixing inaccuracies when depicting the Native American tribes that spot the maps, stating:

Speaking on civilizations, a key focus of our work at World’s Edge is to authentically represent the cultures and peoples that we depict in our games. While developing Age III: DE, we realized that we weren’t upholding that value as well as we could regarding our Native American cultures; so we set out to fix that: working directly with tribal consultants to respectfully and accurately capture the uniqueness of their peoples, history, and cultures. Returning players will find there’s been some fundamental changes to the Native American civilizations, and we hope you find them as compelling as we do!

– Age DE Team

You can pre-purchase Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition right now ahead of its October 15th release on PC. It’s also available for free on Windows 10 through Xbox’s Game Pass.

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