Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Gets a Release Date

Kicking things off in this morning’s surprise Nintendo Direct Mini, was a brand new look at Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory showcasing the title’s unique rhythm gameplay and various modes, culminating in the reveal that the full game will be releasing November 13th.

Despite being a radical departure from the gameplay we’ve come to expect, Melody of Memory promises to be the next full step in the franchise. Following on from the events of Kingdom Hearts III and its DLC Expansion, the story will answer many of the threads left hanging from the previous adventure while inevitably leaving many, many more in its place.

The trailer showcases the different kinds of stages players can expect to complete, with memory dive having players tap along to the music played over memorable scenes from earlier entries and boss battles showing the characters facing off against the series’ bosses as your timing influences the outcome of the battle.

Of course, the majority of fans picking up Melody of Memory day one will be eager to witness the story revelations, but a suite of online and local multiplayer options ensure the game will be the definitive way to experience the music of Kingdom Hearts with friends.

Appearing exclusively on the Nintendo Switch release of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is the ability to play with up to 8 friends locally on a single system, provided you have 8 Kingdom Hearts-loving friends on hand to play with.

Acting as a consistent form of progression across all these modes is an encyclopaedic collection of scenes from throughout the franchise unlocked regardless of the modes you choose to play. An incredibly valuable resource for even the most die-hard fans who struggle to distinguish the exploits of Ansem from those of Ansem the Wise.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will be releasing November 13th on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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