Torchlight III is Coming to Switch

The light-hearted dungeon crawler got a special new look in this morning’s Nintendo Indie World when it was announced that the title would be leaving Early Access alongside the Switch release this Spring (that’s Fall for ya’ll in the Northern Hemisphere).

Torchlight III has seen some rather negative reception in its Early Access release, but the developers have been transparent with the direction the title is heading, and a string of solid updates have us hoping the final release, and subsequent post-launch support, will finally have the game sitting on par with its predecessors.

In the meantime, Torchlight III has me charmed by its pet selection this time around. Seriously, who doesn’t want a gorgeous Golden Retriever following you around while you click on loot?

Truly remarkable stuff…

You can check out Torchlight III in Early Access right now, or pick up the full release when it launches this Spring on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

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