Official Jurassic World DLC Comes to Minecraft Today

Over 65 Million Years in The Making!

While most of us were fast asleep Wednesday morning, Mojang announced a partnership with Universal’s ludicrously popular Jurassic World franchise. In the brand-new DLC Expansion players are challenged to manage the titular theme park for as long as they possibly can before sheep hits the fan.

On the surface it doesn’t seem like the DLC will be a huge departure from the kind of fan-made mods the community churns out on a regular basis, however I’ll admit the breadth of content on offer here caught me off-guard a little.

Not only can you craft and train dinosaurs, build exhibits, and solve problems, but you can also go on expeditions to discover dinosaur DNA! Use vehicles and your team of NPCs to solve disasters and earn a high score!

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Not only that, but it also nets you 21 themed skins and over 60 different dinosaurs to create.

I’m not gonna lie, while I’m not the biggest Minecraft or Jurassic World fan I’m certainly intrigued by what Mojang has on offer here. Maybe I should dip in and create my own dino ranch sometime…

Minecraft’s Jurassic World DLC is available now!

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