Every Announcement from Today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Strap yourselves in!

Early this morning, Nintendo provided us with the goods as they took us through 23 indie titles we’ll be able to see on the Switch in the near future! Some, in the VERY near future. Let’s get started!

Hades – Releases Spring 2020

Hypnospace Outlaw – Releases August 27th

Spiritfarer – OUT TODAY!

Garden Story – Releases 2021

Subnautica and Below Zero – Releases 2021

Takeshi & Hiroshi – OUT TODAY!

Raji: An Ancient Epic – OUT TODAY!

Bear and Breakfast – Releases 2021

A Short Hike – OUT TODAY!

Card Shark – Releases 2021

Torchlight III – Releases Spring 2020

Manifold Garden – OUT TODAY!

Evergate – OUT TODAY!

Haven – Releases Late 2020

Going Under – Releases September 24th

The Red Lantern – Spring 2020

Unrailed – Releases September 23rd

Struggling – Releases August 27th

INMOST – Releases August 21st

She Dreams Elsewhere – Releases 2021

Grindstone – Releases Spring 2020

GONNER2 – Releases Spring 2020

Untitled Goose Game: Co-Op – Releases September 23rd

We hope you enjoyed the show and our coverage as much as we did! See you for the next one!

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