Control Ultimate Edition is Coming to Next-Gen at a Price

They all Know Jesse is Dynamite!

In a surprise announcement via Twitter, Remedy Entertainment has announced that 2019’s Game of the Year, Control, will be receiving a re-release, compiling the main game with all previously released updates and DLC, including the highly anticipated ‘AWE’ Expansion.

Quite frankly, it’s the kind of bog-standard re-release that many AAA titles receive upon finishing up their slate of post-release content, only this one has a bit of a catch for those looking to check out Control on their shiny new consoles these holidays.

The real kicker here is that the Ultimate Edition will also be making its way over to next-generation consoles, with anyone picking up an Xbox One or PS4 copy of Control Ultimate Edition in the coming months having the ability to continue their playthrough on the upcoming consoles at no extra charge.

Unfortunately, those of us who hold our launch copies of Control close to our hearts will have no choice but to splurge on a fresh copy of Ultimate Edition in order to witness Jesse Faden in all her Ray-Traced glory.

I can almost taste the next-gen reflections…

It’s disappointing that there are currently no plans to offer some form of upgrade for owners of the original game, but this isn’t a decision I’d hold against Remedy personally. It’s worth keeping in mind that 505 Games has the exclusive Publishing rights to Control, and with things wrapping up later this month with the final Expansion, it only makes sense for the publisher to squeeze out the last of a surprisingly profitable investment.

I mean, I’m ashamed to admit that I’d probably double-dip if it meant I’d earn another shiny Platinum Trophy on PS5, but what do you think? Is it reasonable to expect gamers to purchase a second copy of Control to witness a handful of next-gen enhancements or has the publisher just gotten a little too greedy here?

Control: Ultimate Edition is launching August 27th on Steam, with PS4, Xbox One and next-generation versions due by the end of the year.

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