The Last of Us Part 2 Grounded Mode DLC Announced, Releasing August 13

Aw shit, here we go again…

Following the trophies that were found on the PlayStation Network yesterday, a trailer for The Last of Us Part 2‘s new Grounded Mode DLC has been released. The trailer shows what we’re to expect from this new update including the upped difficulty of Grounded Mode itself, Permadeath, new gameplay modifiers, and new graphic modes.

Grounded Mode brings with it deadlier enemies, a minimal HUD, and scarce resources, but by completing it, you’ll gain a new trophy to show off to all your friends. The new gameplay modifiers bring some cool new ways to play, including slow motion and bullet speed mode, infinite crafting, melee weapon durability and listen mode, one-shot or touch of death, a mirrored world as well as mirroring the world on death, different audio tracks like 8-bit or 4-bit and many, many more things.

The graphical modifier adds a heap of altered graphical looks as well, such as a pixelated look, cell-shaded, and more to explore and experience.

Permadeath will also be featured in this DLC, giving you the option to play the least safest way, with the game giving you a rundown on how long you survived for and what killed you when your eventual death happens.

On a Naughty Dog blog post about the upcoming DLC, they’ve stated the frequently requested improvements:

  • Saves now display playtime up to the second
  • Film Grain Adjustment option
  • Disable Listen Mode option
  • Motion Sensor Function Aiming option
  • Arc Throw HUD Display option
  • Aiming Acceleration Scale option
  • Aiming Ramp Power Scale option
  • Accessibility improvements to Ground Zero encounter, collectible tracking, Enhanced Listen Mode for collectibles, and rope gameplay

The Grounded DLC for The Last of Us Part 2 will release on August 13 (tomorrow!). If you’re interested in what we thought about the game, check out Jesse’s review here!

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