Grounded Mode and Permadeath Coming to The Last of Us Part 2

Ready to feel even more pain?

According to trophies that have popped up on the PlayStation Network, we can expect a new Grounded Mode to be added soon to The Last of Us Part 2. These two trophies for the critically acclaimed Naughty Dog title also confirm that a Permadeath option will also be available, adding some extra difficulty to the already emotionally crippling story-driven third-person shooter.

These trophies are as follows and are currently sitting under a Grounded Mode category in The Last of Us Part 2‘s trophy list:

  • Dig Two Graves – Complete the story on Grounded.
  • You Can’t Stop This – Complete the story with any Permadeath setting.

No actual announcement of said Grounded Mode has been made yet but you can assume it’s incoming now that this is in the public eye.

The Last of Us Part 2 released on PlayStation 4 on June 19th, and you can see Jesse’s (spoiler filled) review here.

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