Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Sells 2 Million Copies on Steam Within First Week

That’s a LOT of chaos

Newly released multiplayer chaos simulator Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has already sold 2 million copies of the game on Steam, publisher Devolver Digital has stated on Twitter. The game, released on August 4th on PC and PlayStation 4 with it being free for PlayStation Plus members, has gained MASSIVE popularity especially on Twitch where viewers have consumed 24 million hours worth of entertainment. This makes Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Devolver Digital’s biggest launch ever, beating many other AAA titles on Steam for concurrent players, peaking at 124,772 this weekend.

No numbers yet on how many people have played or purchased this game on PlayStation 4, but the Fall Guys‘ Twitter account stated it had 1.5 million new players within the first 24 hours across both platforms. This came with predictable server issues and maintenance downtime which were quickly dealt with, but that’s just what comes with unexpected success. However, the fact that you can consistently get 60-players in every match almost a week after release definitely shows its continued popularity seemingly without any signs of slowing down.

Again on Twitter, the Fall Guys‘ account has also stated what’s next for the online multiplayer, affirming “new costumes, new levels, and new features”. With 56 days left (at the time of writing) in Season 1, there’s plenty of time to take advantage of what the game already has to offer.

The question is, can it keep it up? After this month of the game being free for PlayStation Plus members, will it still garner these numbers three; six; nine months into the future? Only time will tell. It worked for Rocket League!

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