Vader Immortal Makes its Way to PlayStation VR

Something, something, something, Dark Side

The previously Oculus Quest exclusive Vader Immortal will be launching on PlayStation VR August 25th. Fortunately, unlike the original episodic release on Oculus, PSVR owners can look forward to binging the entire trilogy when it releases in a single, complete package.

While the time period between Episode III and A New Hope is well-worn territory for Star Wars fans, Vader Immortal was praised for being a truly immersive entry into the existing canon and told a fascinating story in its own right.

In Vader Immortal players assume the role of a smuggler exploring the Sith Lord’s fortress on the volcanic planet of Mustafar. Outside of the tightly woven narrative experience, players will be able to engage in three separate training Dojo’s that will push their combat abilities to the test with a suite of iconic Star Wars weaponry to experiment with.

Vader Immortal will be releasing August 25th on PlayStation VR.

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