Godfall Gameplay Walkthrough Delves Into Combat

Stab, Loot, Repeat

Following on from a few brief, and somewhat underwhelming teasers over the last few months, we finally got a proper look at Counterplay Games’ upcoming hack’n’slash title Godfall during Sony’s most recent State Of Play showcase.

Described as a ‘looter-slash’, Godfall puts you in the gauntlets of a Valorian knight on a quest to save the four realms of Aperion from the mad god, Macros (I assume he is the god you want to fall?). You and up to two buddies will take on other players and a menagerie of monsters to earn better gear and loot, enabling you to take on bigger and badder monsters. It is a recognisable gameplay loop for those familiar with games like Destiny, but it is certainly refreshing to hear that Godfall will not feature any microtransactions, or adhere to a ‘games as a service’ model as all loot and customisations are unlocked through gameplay progress.

Loot is the name of the game in Godfall, and with so much loot on offer, Counterplay is making sure every player can earn it the way they want with five different weapon-classes shown off during the presentation. The Dual Blades allow for quick close-up combos; the Long Sword provides a more traditional and balanced approach; the Polearm can strike enemies from a distance; and the War Hammer and Greatsword deal massive damage at the cost of speed. Each weapon type has its own unique traits, upgrades, and playstyles. On top of this, your shield can be used offensively, with certain combos triggering massive AOE attacks. The game looks to reward aggressive and free-flowing combat, so mastering these weapons will be vital to earning the best booty. 

Godfall does not yet have a solid release date but is marked for release on PlayStation 5 and PC sometime towards the end of 2020.

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