Control AWE Expansion Release Date Confirmed


After months of hinting, Remedy has all but confirmed that Alan Wake will indeed be part of the upcoming Control story DLC ‘AWE’, due for release August 27th.

Continuing on from ‘The Foundation’ DLC released earlier this, year ‘AWE’ will take protagonist Jesse Faden even deeper into The Oldest House, exploring a previously locked section known as the Investigations Sector to pursue a mysterious being. 

Jesse’s discovery of a catastrophic AWE (Altered World Event) in Bright Falls – the same town from Alan Wake – will be used as the catalyst to combine the two beloved Remedy titles. Throughout the story of Control Alan Wake’s name has been dropped multiple times, so this crossover will come as no surprise to fans – some of who have been referring to ‘AWE’ as the ‘Alan Wake Event’. 

‘AWE’ will introduce many new features, including a new Service Weapon mode called Surge. Surge will act like a sticky-grenade launcher, allowing you to clear packs of Hiss with ease, including the newly introduced shotgun-wielding Hiss Airborne Ranger. Surge explosive rounds can also be detonated remotely, used to set traps and complete environmental puzzles.

The feature that has me most excited is the ability to go back and replay specific missions – including the incredible Ashtray Maze – via an Altered Item in the form of a retro arcade machine. The arcade machine will also grant access to a new Horde Mode, and a few other surprises Remedy is keeping close to its chest. 

Control is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. with AWE releasing on August 27th.

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